Founded in 2007 with headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria, Investment Shark operates as a boutique Investment bank, with three leading industry edge in capital market, advisory and real estate management– combining their expertise to deliver customized products, comprehensive solutions and advisory services to our clients.

Our firm is repositioned to offer state of the art Investment Banking services, tailored to the need of Individual and Institutional clients across Africa ann other emrging markets.

Our team is comprised of analysts / associates from the top firms within their respective industries.
Our management team & board consist of seasoned entrepreneurs & business leaders within the financial services domain.

§ Investment Banking & Corporate Finance
§ Equity and Debt Capital Market
§ Private Equity
§ Real Estate Investment Management

Our Vision and Mission Statement

VISION STATEMENT. “To be the most successful financial adviser and financial services provider, through efficient service delivery, backed up by innovation, technology, professionalism and integrity”.
MISSION STATEMENT. “To be the leading Investment Banking Hub within a reasonable time frame with effective and consistent grassroots’ clientele base and qualified manpower. To overhaul the African economies through private investments in infrastructures, education and key industries that affects the economy positively”.


Our Due Diligence team, with the experience of having worked on over 100 transactions in 2007 alone,


Putting a price on something or estimating its worth is never straightforward. Today, performing valuations


Most growing businesses have to inevitably consider a domestic or cross-border transaction such as setting up a branch


Our wealth of experience span over 12 (twelve) sectors of the economy globally had made us the corporate advisory


Raising capital for investments is one of the biggest challenges facing many African en­trepreneurs and economic operators due to, among other things, the very high and uncompet­itive rates offered by commercial banks. Businesses traditionally get funding from banks and public equity markets (or bonds and debt markets), but private equity offers an alternative to this.


We offer a range of services which can be tailored to your needs. Our specialist probate solicitors can help with anything from applying for a Grant of Probate and dealing with Inheritance tax through to dealing with all aspects of the estate. We can help whether there was a Will left or not. Contact us for no obligation expert advice.

Our specialist helps thousands of people to deal with the estate of a loved one each year. We have particular expertise in complex estates, for example if:
v The deceased owned a business
v The deceased owned a property abroad
v The deceased has left anything to a child under 18
v The terms of the Will are not clear

Choose to work with us and you’ll get one named contact who will always keep you informed about what’s happening. This could be post, email or telephone, but we could also visit you at home if you would prefer.
We appreciate that you will still be grieving so we always work sensitively and explain everything in clear and simple terms. We also have a clear pricing structure, so there are no hidden costs and you’ll know exactly what you need to pay. Letting us deal with the estate can help reduce stress at what is already a difficult time. The whole process can take a considerable amount of time and effort, so you can ease the burden on yourself by allowing us to deal with it for you. You will also get the peace of mind that everything has been handled in accordance with the law. If you would like legal help with any aspect of the probate or estate administration process, contact us today.